Fixed-Tower Ship Loaders

A Proven Design. A Proven Supplier.

Our focus and specialty is Fixed-Tower ship loaders on a design / build basis. We have created 23 of these high-performing structures, with three more in fabrication, for a variety of clients and loading sites all over the world.

Each and every Agrico Sales ship loader is crafted to uphold the highest standard of safety, maximize efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and drastically reduce ongoing utility and maintenance costs. Our fixed tower dock design streamlines the loading process, saving you hours of valuable loading time. Choose from several ship loader models or easily add more ship loaders to your fleet at any time.

The unmatched benefits of an Agrico ship loader:

  • Low Foundation Cost Makes Us Less Expensive
  • Small Environmental Footprint
  • Pre Assembly for Faster Installation
  • Redundancy for Operational Security
  • High Capacity Load Rates
  • Radio Remote Operation from Anywhere on the Dock
  • Low Labor Requirements
  • High Degree of Safety
  • Several Models & Layouts Load Any Size Ship
  • Rotating & Shuttling Booms
  • State-of-the-Art Dust Control
  • Conventional or Enclosed Belt Conveyors
  • No Cables or Winches Means No Catastrophic Failure from These Parts

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  • Low Maintenance

  • Efficient Loading Loads Ships Faster


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